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Mammography Helps Detect Heart Risk in Women!


Widely used mammography screening for breast cancer could potentially serve as a tool for detecting heart risk in women as well, a new study suggests. Researchers said the study, involving 292 women, showed a strong correlation between the amount of calcium detected in breast arteries on a mammogram and the level of calcium in coronary [...]

Mammography Helps Detect Heart Risk in Women!2018-05-21T19:31:01-04:00

Dense Breasts: Ultrasound Beats 3D Mammography!


Ultrasound turned in a better incremental breast cancer detection rate than tomosynthesis in mammography-negative dense breasts, and a similar false-positive rate, according to interim findings from the ASTOUND trial. During 2012-2015, the multicenter Adjunct Screening With Tomosynthesis or Ultrasound in Women With Mammography-Negative Dense Breasts (ASTOUND) trail screened 3,231 dense-breasted asymptomatic women (median age 51) [...]

Dense Breasts: Ultrasound Beats 3D Mammography!2018-05-21T19:31:18-04:00